Regulatory information

Bluewater Gas Storage LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of WEC Energy Group and was granted authorization in October 2006 by the FERC to own, lease and operate its Columbus III and Kimball 27 gas storage facilities in St Clair and Macomb County, Michigan, under § 7(c) of the Natural Gas Act, including market-based rate treatment and waiver of shipper must have title requirement.

Bluewater’s most current gas tariffs are available on informational posting sites. Bluewater’s FERC filings can be reviewed on FERC’s website at via its eLibrary under docket numbers CP06-350, 351, 367, 368 and CP19-471. In the eLibrary, enter the docket number, excluding the last three docket number digits to access the document. Historic Bluewater state regulatory filings related to the Bluewater facility prior to October 2006 are available at the Michigan Public Service Commission Electronic Case Filings website at under case numbers U-13776, U-13896, U-13926, U-14023 and U-14560.